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Ways you can benefit

Emdros is for storing and retrieving analyzed or annotated text. As such, you are likely to benefit from Emdros in at least one of the following ways:

  • Ways you can build an Emdros database:
    • You have an existing text database which you want to import into Emdros.

    • You want to build a database "on the fly" using analyses or annotations you are making.

  • Ways you can use an Emdros database:
    • You can display the database contents as they are, based on selection criteria which you make up.

    • You can search the database and display the results.

How you build your application will depend on which of these four goals you have (one or more of them).


The easiest way of writing any application on top of Emdros is probably to take advantage of the MQL language, rather than dealing with the EMdF layer directly. MQL is quite powerful, and allows you to do most things you would want to do with Emdros. Thus however you architect your application, plan on using the MQL User's Guide extensively.

In the following

In the following, we describe:

  1. Loading a database
  2. Building a query-application
  3. Building a display-application

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