Command-line version

After you've written the configuration file, you can then proceed to running the Emdros query tool, like this:

eqtc -c <your-config-file> myquery.mql

For example:

eqtc -c myconfigfile.cfg myquery.mql

Saving the output

The results will be printed on standard output, so you can redirect that to a file for later viewing:

eqtc -c <your-config-file> myquery.mql > myoutput.txt

More options

If using MySQL or PostgreSQL, you may need to pass a password to the program. Do this with the -p option. You may also need to pass a database username (-u) or the name of the database host computer (-h). For example:

eqtc -c <your-config-file> -u <dbuser> -p <password> -h <dbhost> myquery.mql

To get a list of supported options, run eqtc with the "--help" switch:

eqtc --help

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