Emdros - the database engine for analyzed or annotated text

For the impatient:

Description of downloads (current version)

The following are available for the 3.x-series:

  • emdros package:

    • emdros-version.tar.gz: Sourcecode

    • Emdros-version-setup-windows-x86.exe: Windows executable installer for 32-bit Windows

    • Emdros-version-setup-windows-x64.exe: Windows executable installer for 64-bit Windows

    • Emdros-version-MacOSX-10.6.Universal.dmg: Mac OS X Universal binaries (runs on both Intel x86 and Intel x86_64 Macs)

  • emdros-examples-2.0 package:

    • Emdros-Examples-version.zip: A set of source text files with MQL translations, as well as configuration files for some of the Emdros programs. Includes the King James Version of the Bible, with parse trees and part of speech tagging, in Penn Treebank Format.

  • emdros-examples package:

    • Bibles-version: Bibles in various languages, provided as MQL scripts that you can load into Emdros, to have some text to play with.

    • Tischendorf8th-version: Tischendorf's 8th Greek New Testament, morphologically and lexically analyzed. Provided as an MQL script that you can load into Emdros to play with a database. The text has a homepage here