Emdros - the database engine for analyzed or annotated text

Documentation overview

The following documents are available for download:

User documentation

Documentation that you, the user may be interested in:

  1. Emdros paper from COLING 2004 (Gives a quick overview of Emdros -- should be one of your first stops for information on Emdros)
  2. MQL Query Guide. (Gives a short and easily digestible description of how to query with MQL -- for non-technical end-users.)
  3. MQL Programmer's Guide. (Gives a detailed description and explanation of MQL for programmers.)
  4. The standard MdF model. (Gives an introduction to the standard MdF model, on which the EMdF model is based.)
  5. The Extended MdF model. (Gives a definition of the EMdF model.)
  6. Monad Sets -- Implementation and Mathematical Foundations (Gives a method for implementing efficient sets of monads.)

Implementation documentation

Documenting the internals of Emdros:

  1. Relational implementation of EMdF and MQL. (A working paper on how to store and retrieve EMdF data in and from a relational database.)

MQL Tutorial (PDF)

You can also download a short MQL Tutorial in PDF-format.

Quick overview

At COLING 2004, I had a paper on Emdros. It gives a short introduction to Emdros for linguists.

The full citation is: