Via C++


Interfacing with Emdros via C++ offers the following benefits:

  • Greatest performance:
    • No need to parse the output of the MQL engine. You can use the datastructures returned by MQL directly instead of first dumping them to stdout, then reading them back into memory again. This saves both space and time.

    • No need to start and stop the mql(1) process. Everything is done in-process.

    • Persistence of back-end connection: No need to connect and reconnect to the back-end. This saves time.

  • Greatest flexibility: You can use the full EMdF API, rather than "just" the MQL API.


Drawbacks include:

  • Greater complexity, due to:

    • Complexity of C++ language,
    • Complexity of Emdros APIs.
  • Steeper learning-curve (due to greater complexity).

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