Via a Web-API


You can write a wrapper around Emdros which only uses the part(s) you actually need, then use that wrapper inside of an environment such as:

  • iOS: In this case, you can write a wrapper in Objective-C++ or Objective-C and interface with either Swift or our Objective-C/C++ application.

  • Android: In this case, you write a C++ wrapper around Emdros which implements a JNI interface, then use NDK to compile it, then interface with the Java parts of the JNI interface from your application. Please contact the author of Emdros for further details.

  • Web API: In this case, you write your wrapper in one of the supported language bindings (currently Python 2.7, Python 3.x, C#, Java, Ruby, Perl, PHP5, and PHP7), and then hook your wrapper up to a web-api that suits your needs, such as a RESTful API or a JSON or SOAP API. You need to write both the wrapper and the Web API at this point, though plans are underway to make some general Web APIs around Emdros.

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