In general, it is faster to use CREATE OBJECTS WITH OBJECT TYPE rather than CREATE OBJECT FROM MONADS. On my machine, it is between 7 and 10 times faster, depending on the backend.

One drawback of CREATE OBJECTS WITH OBJECT TYPE is that you can't get the object id_d back immediately. You would have to query the database (e.g., using SELECT OBJECTS HAVING MONADS IN) to find out the object id_ds of the newly created objects.

If your application requires complex interaction between objects, e.g., setting features based on other objects' id_ds, it may be easier (but certainly not faster) to use CREATE OBJECT FROM MONADS.

Drop indexes

In order to speed up queries, one thing you can do is to issue a

  $ manage_indices --drop databasename

command on the command-line before starting the program which populates the database. Then, once all creation has taken place, you can issue the command:

  $ manage_indices --create databasename

in order to recreate the indices. See the manage_indices(1) manual page for more information.

You can also use the MQL statements DROP INDEXES and CREATE INDEXES. See the MQL User's Guide for more information.

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