Input to RenderObjects

The "RenderObjects" class constructor takes as input:

  • An EmdrosEnv object, already connected to a database. The EmdrosEnv must return true when calling connectionOk().
  • A database name. This is just a way of identifying the database within the engine, and need not have anything to do with the actual database name connected to by the EmdrosEnv.
  • A JSONValue called "pFetchInfo" which must be a JSON object which contains the stylesheet or stylesheets to use.
  • A string containing the name of the stylesheet to use from the pFetchInfo JSON object.

The "process" method of the RenderObjects class takes as input a starting monad and an ending monad. The stretch of monads specified here is used to retrieve the objects, so all objects to be retrieved must be found within the confines of this stretch of monads.


The output from RenderObjects is a document in the form a string. The document can be retrieved with the "getDocument()" method of a RenderObjects object.

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