Emdros - the database engine for analyzed or annotated text


I wish to thank a number of people and organisations who have made Emdros the success it is today. They are:

  • Dr. Crist-Jan Doedens: He wrote the PhD thesis on which Emdros is based.

  • J. Alan Groves Center for Advanced Biblical Studies, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Emdros development is made possible in part by the fact that the J. Alan Groves Center for Advanced Biblical Studies has granted me access to some seriously powerful hardware for research and development. The Groves Center is a research unit of Westminster Theological Seminary.

    • Prof. Dr. Kirk Lowery: He grants me access to the Center's services servers and provides much encouragement, inspiration, and help on Emdros development and documentation.

  • Werkgroep Informatica, Faculty of Theology, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam: For providing the motivation for writing Emdros in the first place. Their WIVU Hebrew database continues to be my main source of inspiration for development of Emdros.

    • Prof. Dr. Eep Talstra: He is the man behind the WIVU Hebrew database, and continues to support Emdros development by his kindness, his encouragement, and his generosity. He also grants me access to Sun hardware, thereby making it a supported platform.

    • Hendrik Jan Bosman: He provides much inspiration, has written many a bugreport, and even contributes source code.

    • Constantijn Sikkel: He provides much insight, both on Emdros and on the Werkgroep Informatica Hebrew database, and is an astute user who helps drive Emdros development.

  • Chris Wilson: For writing bugreports and contributing sourcecode.

  • Prof. Dr. Nicolai Winther-Nielsen: For being a big source of inspiration, and for putting me in touch with most of the above people.

  • Dr. Christopher J. Samuel: For being a source of encouragement, for submitting feature-requests, for contributing knowledge of Hebrew Unicode, and for contributing a TECkit mapping for Hebrew.

  • Dr. D. Richard Hipp: Dr. Hipp of HWACI, Inc. has written the excellent SQLite engine, which Emdros supports as a backend.

  • Philip Hazel: He has written the PCRE library, which Emdros uses.

  • MySQL AB: Emdros supports MySQL as a backend.

  • PostgreSQL, Inc: Emdros supports PostgreSQL as a backend.

Thanks to all.