Emdros - the database engine for analyzed or annotated text

Theoretical foundation

Emdros has a solid theoretical foundation in the MdF database-model and the QL query-language.

Emdros is an implementation of the EMdF database model and the MQL query-language, which are descendants of MdF and QL.

What is MdF?

MdF is a text database model. It was developed as part of Crist-Jan Doedens' PhD thesis. It is a mathematical model of text which is elegant, simple, and clean. Therefore, it provides an ideal abstraction of text for Emdros to use.

You can read a summary of the MdF model in the document "The standard MdF model". This is part of the Emdros documentation.

What is EMdF?

The EMdF model is the underlying database model of Emdros. It is an extension of the MdF model described above.

You can read a summary of the EMdF model in the document "The Extended MdF model". This is part of the Emdros documentation. There is also an online introduction.

What is QL?

QL is the query-language which Crist-Jan Doedens developed in his PhD thesis to go with the MdF model. It is extremely powerful, but is only for querying the database, not for creating, updating or deleting data.

What is MQL?

MQL is a full-access query language based on the EMdF model. It implements a subset of QL for its query-features.

MQL lets the user create, update, delete, and query all data domains in the EMdF model.

You can read an introduction to MQL online.